You can help with the multiplayer section of the manual

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You can help with the multiplayer section of the manual

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The current description of multiplayer play in the manual (Getting Started and Manual) isn't really up to date or comprehensive.

It would be really great if those of you who know it backwards could wander over to the wiki and flesh out the Getting Started Guide and Improved Manual. Some sample questions to be answered would be:
  • What exactly do all the options (e.g. gold, experience, time limit, observers, eras etc.) do when you configure a game?
    The differences when you select 'Join Official Server', 'Join Game' or 'Host Networked Game'
    Some abstract details of the way the network server (or host computer) operates to co-ordinate a game so a player can understand why a game in progress behaves the way it does (maybe for troubleshooting when it doesn't work properly)
Hope you can help.
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