Bad Moon Rising co-op?

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Bad Moon Rising co-op?

Post by OkieDokie »

Hi, very new to this game and basically no experience in modding, so this might be a pipe dream.

I've recently completed the Ooze mini-campaign on single player, and am playing the co-op version now with my friend, which has been doubly fun. (HUGE shout-out to SpenceLack for their awesome campaign)

I've been really enjoying playing Bad Moon Rising part 1, and I was hoping to play this campaign with a friend. I'm sure it's a complex task to build a campaign from scratch, let alone modifying one from single player to multiplayer.

So, obviously I'm going to have to learn even the basics of making add-ons in general, and I don't expect it's as easy as just shoe-horning in another character or splitting up the roles (i.e. player 1 is the main character, player 2 is the side characters). And for me, with my very little experience with coding, I don't expect to finish this soon at all but I hope to be able to accomplish this (eventually).

Any advice would be welcome, of course I'll be scouring the forums and looking elsewhere for help, but if anyone knows of any posts or resources that might be useful for this, it would be most appreciated.

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Re: Bad Moon Rising co-op?

Post by gnombat »

I don't want to sound discouraging, but - Bad Moon Rising is a pretty large, complex campaign, and converting it to multiplayer would be quite a big project, especially for someone just learning the basics of developing add-ons. I would suggest starting with something simpler. Note that there is a WML Guide add-on which is designed for beginners. You might want to take a look at the code for that, and then a useful exercise could be to try converting that to a multiplayer version.
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Re: Bad Moon Rising co-op?

Post by shevegen »

Would be cool if we could have some virtual collaborative way to work on campaigns completely on-line. Ideally without even having to know WML either. I know I know, a remote dream ... but it would help quite a bit. Like having a set of tools that allows newcomers to begin creating content as-is, without having to read tons of specification.

Bad Moon is quite nice in that it showcases what can be done. Such campaigns are important IMO. I play mostly add-ons since the coolest ideas are there really. I don't know of many multiplayer-style campaigns though. It sounds very ambitious.

Perhaps start with a dummy campaign first? Like four scenarios only, the first one just to test things and set up, and go from there.
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Re: Bad Moon Rising co-op?

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

some virtual collaborative way to work on campaigns completely on-line.
The modding channel of the official discord server does serve the purpose, to some extent.
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