where to find sound for chill wave attack?

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where to find sound for chill wave attack?

Post by lea » March 13th, 2017, 2:49 pm

as of BfW 1.12.6, "chill wave" attack of dark adept, lich, necromancer and similar units uses same sound and animation as "shadow wave" attack of these same units.

I am trying to make a separate animation for "chill wave" attack, including sound. so far managed to find images for chill wave's projectile somewhere in other people's UMCs, but cannot find any "chill" or "cold wind" sound. magic-dark.ogg sound that is currently used in mainline for this attack (as well as for shadow wave) seems inappropriate because it sounds "gloomy" and "crackling" but not "cold" at all. I would like to find something like "blizzard" or "freezing wind" sound, for example (but not necessarily) similar to sounds used in diablo 2 for cold spells of sorceress character class (ice bolt, glacial spike, ice orb etc) but with license suitable for use with BfW's add-on server (GPL-compatible).

so far I looked in mainline, add-on server and this forum - so far sounds for attacks with cold damage seem to be in very short supply...

do you think you've stumbled upon any sounds in mainline or UMCs that you think may be appropriate for chill wave (and especially for similar attack performed by non-undead/non-necromantic unit)? or maybe there are sound effects libraries on add-on server that I somehow managed to miss? maybe there are other (GPL-compatible) places I should look in?

P.S. of course you are welcome to try to make the kind of sound described above and post on Wesnoth's foruns, if you are feeling generous :)
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