Resources for music contributors Mk II

Create music and sound effects for mainline or user-made content.

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Resources for music contributors Mk II

Post by West »

OK, as per marcusvinicius's request, here's a new attempt at a composer's resource thread. Presently it's just stuff from the top of my head. Feel free to add your suggestions, I really don't remember what was in the old thread.

Please keep in mind that this is all stuff that people are offering for free and as evident from the old topic, there is no guarantee that any of it will be available indefinitely. If you spot some good samples get them right away, because they might not be there tomorrow.

Total Composure Orchestra
Free orchestral library in Kontakt format.

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra
Free orchestral library in sfz format.

Erans MSLP samples
Lots of different instruments in high quality.

G-Town Church Sampling Project
Excellent percussion (and a few other goodies) with natural reverb.

MIS Samples
Multisampled orchestral solo instruments. Kind of hit and miss and needs a lot of work to be useable but a good resource.

Jasper Blunk samples
Section horns, trumpets and violins. One trick ponies but VERY good ones.

Mattias Westlund's samples
Trumpets, horns, staccato violas, tin whistles.

Orchestral Strings One
Hybrid sampled/modeled strings.

Piano One
Hybrid sampled/modeled piano.

Ethan Winer samples
Classic soundfonts from Etahn Winer, some are dated but some are still very good (bassoon and glocken in particular).
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Re: Resources for music contributors Mk II

Post by marcusvinicius »

Thanks Mattias. There's a program you posted some years a go, it calls savihost, it makes any VST plugin as standalone program. It was useful for me and I belive it's an auxiliary resource for music making.
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