Expanding UMC Music

Create music and sound effects for mainline or user-made content.

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Re: Expanding UMC Music

Post by fabi »

Pentarctagon wrote:Thanks, that found two other errors that I had missed :)
Fine, you are welcome.
Also, one thing I've been meaning to ask for a while, would it be possible to have it not auto-scroll back to the top of the list of music after selecting a track? Selecting multiple tracks can get really annoying, especially in my case where I have 210 songs installed plus mainline.
Sure it is possible.
But not too easy.

The playlist is just a simple menu,
one whose items just call for opening the menu again after executing the rest of the playlist manipulation code.

Since there was no need for scrolled down to a certain point menus, they do not support it.
Maybe 1.12.1 will have a nicer solution.
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Re: Expanding UMC Music

Post by Anonymissimus »

fabi wrote:
Also given the response when I last changed the name of something, I just put the [binary_path] inside the #ifdef.
Okay, I don't agree that backwards compatibility has to be maintained at all costs, but that only said as a side note.
The referenced post of mine was written because of an accidental change happening for no reason. If there is a good reason to change the names of the music files, for instance, because that's the only way the new editor features can be used in a sensible manner, I would go for it anyway.
It's safe to assume most add-ons haven't been updated for 1.12 yet. (I probably wouldn't do it in the middle of a stable series I mean, but UMC authors need to update their add-onds around the start of a new stable series anyway.)
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Re: Expanding UMC Music

Post by Pentarctagon »

Ah, my bad, based on what you wrote:
Anonymissimus wrote:In my case it would have been somewhat easier if you hadn't renamed the first book (the music is apparently the same).
I had thought in that post you were talking about the renaming of the add-on, not the accidental change to one of the songs.
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