Wesnoth: Future?

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Wesnoth: Future?

Post by shevegen »

This thread is mostly meant as a question.

The question is:

- What can be expected for wesnoth for the future, say, 1-3 years?

I know that a few guys are trying to use/switch to godot, but aside from this I
was wondering what kind of bigger to medium changes may come. I am not
asking for a detailled road map; nor do I mean this in regards to 100%
that it WILL happen. I understand the problems of managing a project
in one's spare time, you need to get people motivated, invest time and
so forth.

What I am asking here is really just the rough picture, a semi-detailled
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Re: Wesnoth: Future?

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

Be easier to read the threads here than go into it. Ideas, Coder's Corner and Developer's Discussions have most of it but you'll see some in the two Art forums, the Writer's forum, Faction & Era Development, Multiplayer Development, and Scenario and Campaign Development.
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Re: Wesnoth: Future?

Post by Pentarctagon »

This is probably the largest and most immediate proposal that's been made for Wesnoth.
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