Hotseat - Allow entry of all player names.

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Hotseat - Allow entry of all player names.

Post by bruno »

Currently only one player gets to have their name set in hotseat play.
Everyone else gets called 'Anonymous Local Player'. Being able to
rename the leader units mitigates this somewhat, but it would be
nice to be able to enter multiple names.
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Post by Tux2B »

I agree with this
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Post by Keelta MacRonan »

Good, I agree totally. :D
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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

Add this to the list of a bajillion things that should be done for multiplayer.
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Post by ott »

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Post by ryn »

This is an interesting idea, but will have to wait due to the feature freeze. Also, there are so many possible improvements to MP that a lot of it will probably change after 1.0.
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