[interface] Add-ons manager: show subcategories for modifications

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[interface] Add-ons manager: show subcategories for modifications

Post by octalot »

The add-ons manager currently has an option for showing only modifications, which lists (for 1.14) about 120 add-ons. I'm wondering if we should add filtering by subcategory to that, so we can say "players looking for less or more challenge might want to check out the add-ons in Modifications (Difficulty)".

This could be implemented as a new subtype or subcategory attribute for PblWML. The engine can then have the translatable names and descriptions for those. Proposed categories, along with some add-ons that would fit in them:

Difficulty: Tweeks that add more "easy" or "hard" settings for campaigns, or reduce the penalties for units dying.
  • Slider Mod
  • Non-Fatal Wounds
  • Invisible Enemies
  • XP Bank (MP/SP mod)
  • XP Modification this can make campaigns much easier, but it's a mod that new players probably wouldn't find when looking for a difficulty mod
  • Healer XP Mod again not specifically a difficulty mod, but probably assists with campaigns
Cosmetic: make the game look different, without changing the gameplay
  • Color Changer
  • Image Overlay Mod
  • Shuffle Without Color Change
  • Bloody Mod
  • Color Mod
  • Full Music Playlist
  • Faction Flags
  • Choose your flag
  • Corpse Mod
  • Unitmarker modification
  • Pick your recruits. No preparation turn
  • Droid Menu
  • Update Shroud Now -Automatically-
  • Plan Unit Advance
  • Advanced Order Cancelling
  • Scaling Mod
  • Deterministic Offense
  • No Randomness Mod
  • Different Luck
  • Less Random
  • Double HP
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Re: [interface] Add-ons manager: show subcategories for modifications

Post by Ravana »

I think there is no clear distinction between difficulty and interface groups. For example if you choose useful recruits, game is much easier than normal.
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Re: [interface] Add-ons manager: show subcategories for modifications

Post by Iris »

I would rather see the tags system being improved upon instead to be honest.
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Re: [interface] Add-ons manager: show subcategories for modifications

Post by shevegen »

I am all for making the add-on viewer more powerful. Add-ons is what keeps me back
into wesnoth every now and then, e. g. after a break of some months, I can go back,
and play new campaigns or add-ons! (And also because I forgot half of the ones I
played before ... :P )

Good to see a fellow dev from my country too!
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