[interface] Damage type indicator options (please)

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[interface] Damage type indicator options (please)

Post by Toshniel »


Keeping it short:
After updating to 1.14.11 i noticed a change in the recruitment dialog.
Unit's attack types (blade, pierce etc) are shown via a red and white icon.
I cannot find any settings to switch back to text labels.
Dear devs, could you please add such an option for people like me who would prefer the text labels? :)

Should further comments be necessary:
- i'm used to text labels and my monkey brain dislikes change :D
- so far they are inconsistent with the rest of the UI - both the resistances list and the sidebar use regular text labels.
- the icons themselves are harder to differentiate at a quick glance - they all use the same colours.
- adding an option to use text labels would make not-a-fans just use that instead of complaining :D

Either way, thanks for caring for this gem of a game, keep up the good work! :)

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Re: [interface] Damage type indicator options (please)

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

Moved to the Ideas forum and also tagged with the [interface] tag.
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