wesnoth ' theme'

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wesnoth ' theme'

Post by mactuan12 »

I've been lurking over devs forums...
And after seeing the artwork of one Spanish guy (i cant remember just now his name) with a horseman with a big change in unit aproach & feeling.
And after seen another topic discussing wether its nicer a more cartoonish ghost style or not...
Well, it seems reasonable to think in having different themes/skins and let the user choose the look they feel more confortable at.

And let any team or guy who wants to make a whole set to do his way.

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Re: wesnoth ' theme'

Post by beetlenaut »

Jason Lutes created the original, simpler style of portraits, though there was never a whole set of them for all the units. Maybe you saw some of his work.

It's easy to say, "Let's have more themes," but the current portraits took more than 10 years for us to get! It's hard to imagine anyone volunteering to draw a whole new set in any style. There are around 200 images required.
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