Names of enemy units

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Names of enemy units

Post by shevegen »

Right now we see the names of enemy units.

I am wondering though - has anyone of you partaking in any wars (yes yes ...) known the name of the enemies?

"Hey Joe, do you see Tom over there, the guy from Vietnam, and Jimmy, from Australia? Our enemies? I'm
gonna whack them down... and then I proceed with Michael from South Africa and Bernhardt from Germany.
I know them all! I know every single one of these a million enemies that we face right now! \o/"

It makes sense to know the names of your own units; you pay and recruit them or somehow know them.

It's also fine to know the names of enemy villains, often through the story and such.

But right now I am playing a campaign where I get to see the names of every enemy unit - and I found that very strange.

These guys wanna kill my army yet I know their names? How so?

I understand that this is not any real issue, so it can be ignored. But I still found it peculiar. It is probably not worth to change it either, considering any time investment here; but I found the rationale behind this ... weird.
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Re: Names of enemy units

Post by Telcontar »

Interesting point. I never thought about this. To me, the names give the game more flavor, and I was never bothered by that. But you have a valid point for sure.
Perhaps knowing the enemies' names is more justifiable in medieval than modern warfare. So I think the game is fine either way, and there is no need to change the status quo.
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Re: Names of enemy units

Post by Pentarctagon »

Well, undead units don't have names, at least :P
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Re: Names of enemy units

Post by lhybrideur »

Nor many races, like bats and monsters in general. But I like the idea. The unit could have a name but it won't be shown except if it can recruit or smth like that.
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Re: Names of enemy units

Post by BTIsaac »

Ever read classical epic poems? From what I've seen, every single one of the enemies the heroes kill gets a name, even if it's never mentioned before. With the exception of enemy leaders who also get a full backstory.
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