Art Contributions: organizing them through a web-interface

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Art Contributions: organizing them through a web-interface

Post by shevegen »

There are campaigns that have artwork, including character portraits.

And then there are campaigns that have some portraits but not all of them do.
Read: some portraits are missing. This is a bit annoying when you play a
campaign, have nice artwork and then suddenly some character speaks
that has no portrait at all. (Actually, dummy portraits may be useful to have
too ... e. g. just semi-generic variants like "dune elder" or whatever the name.)

I would like to suggest to make it possible to query the art asset via a web interface,
similar to the translations (percentage display).

So for example, if a character has a portrat, it could be a green yes; and optionally
display this artwork + show the licence via clickable link.

And if there is no portrait you could add a recommendation for people to help contribute to it.

The reason why I think this should be a web-interface is because not everyone who wants
to contribute art, knows which portrait is missing. Not everyone is playing addon campaigns
for example; not everyone has enough time to read through the forum. This is why I think
it would be convenient to quickly see what is missing where.

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