[User Interface] Unified / simpler colours for allied/enemy units

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[User Interface] Unified / simpler colours for allied/enemy units

Post by shevegen »

I would like to suggest simplifing colours.

Specifically I would like to:

a) show ALL enemy units, aka that I can attack, in RED colour
b) show all ALLIED and FRIEND units in GREEN (or blue or whatever)


In particular in large add-on campaigns with huge maps, there are several factions fighting one another, sometimes my own units too.

The colours don't tell me much at all. Does blue mean ally? Does teal mean enemy? Does beige mean neutral? This is why I would like to simplify this, so that I know which are enemy units, and which are allied units, so I can move on the map towards them.

Right now it seems to be hardcoded that my own faction is having red circles (I mean these circules that are on the base of the image representing the unit at hand).

What would have to happen for this suggestion?

I think it is already possible to colourize the base of a unit, since different colours appear; so the primary change required here is to add some user interface component where we can toggle something like:

"show all allied/friend units in the same base colour"


"show all enemy units in the same base colour"

Ideally to also have a colour-choosing widget which could be re-used across wesnoth.

after this exists, we can then also add some checkbox like "use the same colour for all units".

I guess this could fit into preferences somewhere, not sure where though.

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Re: [User Interface] Unified / simpler colours for allied/enemy units

Post by josteph »

Not commenting on the suggested change, but just so you know - currently, own unit / ally / enemy is indicated by the orb shown on top of a unit. By default, I think green/orange/red mean own units, blue means allies, and no orb means enemies, but that can be changed in the advanced preferences. Also, if you mouseover a unit, then you get a yellow hexagon for own units, blue for allies, and red hexagon with small crosshairs for enemy units.

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Re: [User Interface] Unified / simpler colours for allied/enemy units

Post by beetlenaut »

It's also worth noting that the colors are not hard coded. Most scenario designers don't specify a color, and just allow the defaults to take effect, but they can specify any color they want. You can change a scenario very easily yourself, but I guess it would get a little tedious to change it for a whole campaign. (You would add the line color=blue or whatever to a [side] section in the scenario's code file.)

This is the list of supported colors: red, lightred, darkred, blue, lightblue, green, brightgreen, purple, black, brown, orange, brightorange, white, teal, gold
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Secrets of the Ancients,
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