[interface] Tooltips in Recruit and Recall boxes

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[interface] Tooltips in Recruit and Recall boxes

Post by WurmD »

Hi, I've felt the need and thus this is a useful thing for others too, not to mention for consistency:

- To have hovering tooltips when in the Recruit and Recall box, just like we have in other parts of the game.

The most similar Idea thread on this I could find is: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=39101&p=556826&hil ... it#p556795 which the latest posts imply this could be done easily.

(EDIT: I'm a capable developer with time in my hands while at work :); assuming this "new" feature would mostly be copy paste work, what would be a good way to go about it?)

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Re: [interface] Tooltips in Recruit and Recall boxes

Post by octalot »

Please try the latest development release, that already has tooltips that show resistances and movement costs. It's already in the 1.13.10 builds.

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