[art] terrain tiles with TC

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[art] terrain tiles with TC

Post by SFault »

I saw doofus-01 working on carpets and there was discussion over color of those things. Since I've been playing on team colors in my recent campaign I was thinking would it be possible to have magenta color tiles and then have some possibility in scenario code to change the color into some team color with WML?

edit: For example, if the rune tiles would have TC instead of purple we would get much more variation
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Re: [art] terrain tiles with TC

Post by Samonella »

Ooh, i like this idea. If you're placing the image with [item] (like you would with rune tiles) you can easily recolor it with an IMP (assuming the image was drawn with the right color palette). Idk how it would work for actual terrains... maybe you could have team colored villages?
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Re: [art] terrain tiles with TC

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

This sounds like an interesting idea. It should already be possible with an IPF, too. Note that in addition to magenta there's also the flag_green source palette, which might be useful.

I'm pretty sure there's no mechanism existing in the engine to TC terrain tiles based on the owner of the space (ie, for villages; not sure if the game even allows assigning an owner to a non-village). But that might be an idea for something to add...
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