[Feature Request] Map Editor has Favourite Terrain selector

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[Feature Request] Map Editor has Favourite Terrain selector

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

This request is aimed at map-makers and UMC authors. Making scenario maps is a tedious and meticulous task, a lot of time is wasted on swapping terrain tile groups and picking that one terrain and then switching to another one inside another subgroup from the drop-down list. Hence, it would be great if there was a way to pick some tiles onto another list called "Favourites" and then making the map with the "favourited" tiles.

I know it's possible with hacking the terrain files and making a new group for the ones I need, but to do that for every scenario is kinda hackneyed.

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Re: [Feature Request] Map Editor has Favourite Terrain selec

Post by Deciton_Reven »

If you already know the terrain palette you're going to be using for a scenario, why not place that palette on the map and use the terrain picker hot key for easy selection? I don't really see that being much harder than reorganizing a single "favorites list" every time you want to make a new map. Unless you plan on making multiple maps in a row with the same palette it might even be easier since you won't have to remove your entire favorite's list each time as well.

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