Adding two easier difficulties: "casual" & "filthy casual"

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Adding two easier difficulties: "casual" & "filthy casual"

Post by Iceblade »

I play wenoth since a while (a few months), but have never finished one of the SP campaigns, since this takes a very long time.

Also even on the lowest difficulties sometimes after the first few maps it gets very hard.

Maybe with even lower difficulties more people would play wesnoth?
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Re: Adding two easier difficulties: "casual" & "filthy casua

Post by SkyOne »

Hi Iceblade,

It is possible on UMC, but not really on mainline campaigns (I think). But the difficulties are different on each campaign. I mean that the EASY difficulty on "Heir To The Throne" is much harder than one on "The South Guard" and "A Tale of Two Brothers" (as far as I know) even all of them are novice level campaigns. Have you tried one of them?
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