[engine] moves loss on disconnection and some others

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[engine] moves loss on disconnection and some others

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1. There is a bug when player got disconnected before his turn starts his side preserves moves state from previous turn, I am not sure if it is fixed in 1.9.X branch, but if host would be able to have a command like "force_new_turn_for_side X" it can be a good solution, for now to reload the game is only way to deal with such situation, but it's time consuming.

2. Another thing it would be nice to have some methods to change the host if he is disconnected but in frozen state, seems he is online, but he is not responding(ai is not moving), for example if player will have command "host" after that he will ping host computer and if it is not responding than that player becomes a new host.

3. Is there any way to reconnect to "no observers" game?

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