Wesnoth ranks

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Wesnoth ranks

Post by Vincinct »

We all think we're the best Wesnoth players ever,but we want make the world KNOW we're the best.
I think that to do this we need an impossible scenario;like 10 v.s.1.players will be ranked by how many turns they can last.
but,I'm more looking to see how others feel about how wesnoth players should be ranked.If you got an improvement to my idea,say so.if you have a new idea for this,say it here.

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Re: Wesnoth ranks

Post by Dixie »

Well, there's the unofficial ladder... If you want an impossible scenario, you can make one relatively easily, but in SP, people will still be able to cheat their way through. And there's the sheer luck. And I personnally don't really care to be ranked: I know I'm far from being the best player around.
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Re: Wesnoth ranks

Post by Gambit »

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