Long range (NOT multiple hex attack) units

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Angry Andersen wrote:@Higher Game:

But you do seem to have a lot of ideas on how things should or could be. So why not try to make your own campaign or whatever ? I'm pretty sure you would come up with something original and different.
Higher Game:

Why don't you make your own video game that has everything you want in it?

That's what the devs here are doing, and they've done everything with good reason.

You seem to want to play a video game that just isn't Wesnoth. I suggest you find it and start playing it as soon as possible.
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Summary: It can be done, we won't do it, we won't stop you.

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Cuyo Quiz wrote:I really should push for Temuchin's brainstorming with all my might someday, when the skies are cloudy, the winds dance and the light is free to roam over the soil along the fog.
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Higher Game wrote:Why do you guys keep telling me to have to code to do all this? If I could code, I'd make my own female robot. Coding is a professional thing that isn't taught in 10th grade, you know.
I coded my first videogame (in hypercard, but still) when I was in 8th grade.

Coding is like anything else; you can assume that only professionals off in a magic fairy-land do it, and us mere mortals would never be capable, or you can just bite the bullet and realize that you're actually a lot more intelligent than you give yourself credit for. You don't need William Wallace to conquer all the hard stuff for you; you actually can do it yourself, believe it or not.

Besides, by learning it you'll have something to show for all those hours which would otherwise be spent playing games, or whining about them. It's the ultimate way of sticking it to "the man" who is clearly designing games with flaws you can point out. If you learn how to code, you'll accomplish two things:
• You'll prove to yourself that your way of doing things either does or doesn't work.
• You'll find out that game design isn't an exact science.