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Post by moxlon69 »

I think that the two biggest problems with making a LiveCD version of Wesnoth would be disk writes. I'm not entirely sure how the Linux version of the game operates, as my main system doesn't run linux, and I don't play games on my server..But, the Windows version uses cached files, and, saving your progress would be hard when the data is on CD. You would probably have to incorporate drivers into the linux distribution to mount whatever native filesystem exists on the machine you are booting the CD on (ntfs comes to mind, because a lot of linux distributions don't fully support ntfs, and some don't directly support it at all..and a lot of machines run windows NT/XP). I'm sure it's doable..but, as the game caches data to hard drive during normal play, even if you disable saving and autosave, the disk caching portion of the game would have to be modified/removed.. and I'm sure that would have a negative impact on performance/gameplay.
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Post by Woodwizzle »

I believe that instead of using a cache, a liveCD treats the ram like a swap partition. Could be wrong though.
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Post by Tux2B »

AFAIK, live CD's create some kind of virtual partition.
But it could also be a possibility to mount an USB-stick as /home/user
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