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Online Manual

Post by alfas »


It would be very nice to have online manual or complete reference guide online available from this site. It should contain general game information (I think the one is now is fine) and detail information about standard units, terrains, skills and etc. Actually this should include all information that is in help now. In addition it can have information how to counter these units and what are the best uses of them, links to strategic and tactical guides and similar.

This is quit easy to implement, knowing that most of information is already there. I assume there will be enough volunteers to complete this task.

There are many advantages of such online manual/reference guide. Few of them:

o) very good way for new players to get familiar with the game before they even download it
o) very useful for beginners to find out about troops and counters for them
o) gives fast and easy to access way to get information about troops during the game (especially if you want to read about enemy troops while waiting for your turn)
o) gives easier way to speak about features and unit for game funs, because they can have straight reference to discussed game element.

There are more advantages of having online reference guide. From what I know games with such guides are valued much more buy players than without one (especially till you reach expert level in this game :)).
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Post by Baufo »

Aren't there already such manuals at the wiki?
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Re: Online Manual

Post by Darth Fool »

alfas wrote:Hi,

This is quit easy to implement, knowing that most of information is already there. I assume there will be enough volunteers to complete this task.
Ok, I will leave commenting on the rest of this to others, but this quote deserves the usual response. If any task is quite as easy as you imply, and it only requires one person to do it, and you are volunteering to do it, than yes, your assumption that there will be enough volunteers to complete the task is correct. Otherwise, don't count on it ;)
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Post by Na'enthos »

In other words: get to it then! Chop chop! :wink:
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Post by Thrawn »

welcome to the forum 8)
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Post by irrevenant »

There is already a plan to ship the wiki manual with the game once it's polished enough.

There's a kind of vague... hope (at least on my behalf) that the data in the in-game help will come from the wiki also (+ the unit info which is automated).

What's new is the idea that it should then be fed back the other way; that the help files be made available online. I'm not sure if this adds a lot over the current wiki approach, but it's an interesting idea.

In any case, the first step in doing any of these things is getting the wiki (improved) manual to the stage where it is suitable to ship with the game.
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