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Idea New Concept Gaming

Post by Malre »

Hey friend and community,

I want to bring an idea to give a new realism.1- create with the time clock a moment of rain and storm.2- With the time events bring a lord of the place (Malediction or earthquake, ect..) By simple contribution by a random the lord takes the place and inflicts on the weakest his malediction.example troll Magic smashes the ground or Mage destroys the dwellings.

first we must add a character who has the power to attack several assayants in one fell swoop. simple program by numbering the steps of the enemy.

Then review the animation as some character too strong that makes the team invulnerable.

With these few ideas Battle Of Wesnoth can bow online with an AI too top.see soon
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Re: Idea New Concept Gaming

Post by shevegen »

There are a few add-ons that deal with weather effects and so forth. Some of them are a bit laggy and
I am not certain whether the "net gains" of weather effects are that worthwhile in general. But some
campaign designers obviously like playing with effects. :D

As for the AI - I guess in the long run some hero programmer will come up with more varied AIs. Some of
the AI behaviour can be "baited" and leveraged, e. g. in particular with low hp units where you can pull
out enemy units. This is especially annoying if done by an allied leader, who just rushes forward to kill
the weak enemy unit, then dies the next round because he is now exposed, and you lose the scenario
without being able to control that ally. :P (You can, however had, work around this to some extent
by counter-counter baiting if you calculate how far units can move and so on).
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