Public Project Management Dashboard for Development

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Public Project Management Dashboard for Development

Post by max_torch »

I'm sharing an idea with the project manager:

Abstract: Make a visually appealing real-time project management dashboard that is stickied in the wesnoth website and forum for all the public to look at, and possibly even influence to a certain degree.

  • Maintain buzz/excitement among players while waiting for the next update since anytime they can see what's being worked on.
  • Make players have a better idea how close we actually are to the next update
  • People who want to voluntarily contribute can see what the priority is to work on, or what they should work on first
  • You can make players vote on features to work on - the one with more votes is what people want devs to prioritize
  • With Github Project Boards anyone can "watch" a specific card - that card could be a task being worked on e.g. UtBS Portraits, and updating the card notifies everyone watching the card that something has been added or the task has been completed. Basically you can choose to get updates about the features that you care about.
Inspiration for this:
The development of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition by Beamdog. I was a player of Neverwinter Nights before and after Beamdog enhanced the game and it very closely matched what the active community wanted because they made a Trello board where we could vote on the features they were working on and we could see if we were okay with what exactly they were working on every step of the way. In fact right now the patching and development has not stopped and the trello board is still up. You can see it in the link below: ... ed-edition
The equivalent of Trello in Github is Github Project Boards ... ect-boards

EDIT: See what I slashed out in above paragraph. The trello board history shows that it stopped getting updated after the official game release on steam. However the game is being updated post release they are just not posting it on trello.

Additional Comment:
I know that in github we can see the pull requests, the bugs list, but it is not very visually appealing and is actually daunting and intimidating, and we have no idea what among the pull requests and bugs the devs are targetting first. Also you are working on features that are not even listed on the pull requests correct? Seems like there is room for a project dashboard where everything everyone needs to know about is there.

More power to Wesnoth, I know you are working on this project out mostly of passion but it's really making people around the world happy.
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Re: Public Project Management Dashboard for Development

Post by Pentarctagon »

A roadmap for 1.15 was recently created here, and the items have just now been added to github under the 1.16.0 milestone.

As far as your suggestions, they do look interesting and maybe could be something to look into for the next release cycle. For the current one though, I just don't have enough time to look into those, then potentially convert everything over, make sure it's kept up to date, etc.
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Re: Public Project Management Dashboard for Development

Post by Aldarisvet »

I was speaking about it for years.

It is not that easy, but still the potential of using crowd's efforts in Wesnoth is greatly underused. - everyday something new about Wesnoth
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