How great wesnoth really is

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How great wesnoth really is

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I have spent some free time recently playing a few other video games (apologies, I don't mean to offend ;) ) and it reminds me how great wesnoth is.

After years of wesnoth and being on the forums I have grown used to how great the community is. Even while I have occasionally annoyed a few of the users here, everyone has been really helpful and friendly.

Alas, I cannot say the same for other games I have played. Whether it comes in the form of cheaters or trolls, the toxicity of other forums and communities is ridiculous. Even, perhaps especially, really popular and commonly played games are full of people who rant and rave and seem merely to be trying to make the gaming experience worse for everyone else.

So I guess this is a general thank you to everyone involved in the community. Particularly to the moderators and developers who set the tone as a whole, but also to the add-on designers and forum regulars and everyone else.

EDIT: Make no mistake, the game itself is awesome, both in design and content, but I think the community is something which I no longer take for granted, something that it has been a privileged to be part of.
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