how to activate redundant cores(threads) in ubuntu

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how to activate redundant cores(threads) in ubuntu

Post by amanII »

i just saw a video which shows how to double computer speed( click this link) the only problem was that he did this trick in there a way to do this in ubuntu
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Re: how to activate redundant cores(threads) in ubuntu

Post by Pentarctagon »

Yeah... no. The guy has a fundamental misunderstanding about the terminology used. When an Intel cpu says it has X cores and 2X threads, another way that is frequently stated is the cpu has 8 physical cores and 16 logical cores. Intel calls this Hyperthreading, and it allows a single physical core to execute two threads at the same time. The intended purpose of the dropdown box he shows is not to allow enabling extra cores, but to allow disabling cores to try and troubleshoot if problems are being caused by a defective core.
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Re: how to activate redundant cores(threads) in ubuntu

Post by Iris »

The guy’s channel description wrote:I'm Joe and I usually make technology humor videos. On my channel you'll find absolutely absurd tutorials that may look real, but are not (that's the joke!).
Yep, sorry but no. You’ve been successfully trolled.

For the sake of completeness, though, if Windows can see all cores (i.e. it’s not a cheap SKU with artificial limitations destined to third-world markets) then it’ll use all cores, and if Intel’s HT technology is detected, then it’ll also make use of all available threads. For that matter, all general-purpose Linux distributions (including Ubuntu) ship with stock kernel configurations that include support for more CPUs/cores than you’ll find on regular desktop computers, as well as HT, and they’ll use all available cores and threads by default. For example, Ubuntu’s kernel ships with support for up to 256 logical processors and Debian’s with 512.
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Re: how to activate redundant cores(threads) in ubuntu

Post by bumbadadabum »

I was on the fence whether the guy in the video was a troll or an idiot. Thanks for clearing it up shadowm.
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