Can Wesnoth be used as an evangelization tool

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Can Wesnoth be used as an evangelization tool

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shadowmaster wrote:
Gambit wrote:What you want to discuss "Can Wesnoth be used as a(n) evangelization/propagandistic tool?" should be done elsewhere by the people actually in charge of these things, and you should not be interrupting the development of this campaign until those people have been made aware and decided.
The topic will be locked if you continue to talk about this here. It's not like we are just slacking off — but please, let us discuss things in our own channels before trying to decide for yourselves.
So, here is the thread concerning that.
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Re: Can Wesnoth be used as an evangelization tool

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Can a spoon be used as a murdering tool?

Can Lord of the Rings be used as an allegory against Nazism?

Can playing cards be used to promote acceptance of gay sex acts? ... 12#p430112

You are asking the wrong question. Writings and games can be used as tools to serve various purposes. The United States Army uses games as a recruitment tool, for example.

The question is not can it be used as a tool. That much is obvious. The question is who controls the add-on server and what standards do they have for its content. And that is probably a question for the developers and moderators to decide. There can be guidelines but there will always be content that strains the guidelines and requires thoughtful analysis.

Also, don't turn this into a meta-thread about another thread. You should remove the quotes from the other thread to help with that. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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Re: Can Wesnoth be used as an evangelization tool

Post by norbert »

For your information, on September 2nd, I've sent an e-mail to the forum moderators complaining about (anti-)religious statements on the forum (and MP server). About a week later, one of them informed me that they are in the process of revising the signature guidelines. I'm also unhappy with (anti-)religious valedictions and (anti-)religious campaigns on the official add-on server. Obviously, I'm not talking about fictional things, and the Off-Topic board could be an exception.
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Re: Can Wesnoth be used as an evangelization tool

Post by Iris »

LightFighter wrote:So, here is the thread concerning that.
Banned for 2 days.


Norbert: you are asking for the same by bringing up your Forum Moderators request in a public forum.
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