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Re: Books discussion

Post by Giager »

I`m reading at the moment "Guards! Guards!" by Terry Pratchett.
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Re: Books discussion

Post by Pewskeepski »

Currently reading "Nephilim" by L.A. Marzulli. It's essentially an alien-invasion-meets-archeological-discovery story, but with Biblical foundations. As someone who's been quite taken with anything to do with the antediluvian period (the world preceding the Great Flood), I'm finding it completely absorbing!

My next read will probably be "Play Dead" by Ted Dekker. It just released yesterday and I love his work. Plus, it's about time he wrote another psychological thriller (and it's high time I read another one too!)
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Re: Books discussion

Post by Sedin »

Nice... So many people read books. As for me, I have just finished reading "A Mirror above the Abyss" by Oleg Lurye. From the Kennedy assassination to 9/11. The book left an impression of a high-quality classic detective-spy novel with an interesting exciting plot, bright characters. I would like to thank Oleg Lurie for the absence of unnecessary details (detailed descriptions of the wardrobe, indicating the manufacturers and collections of clothing and shoes of the main character, long and greasy love scenes, technical characteristics of cars and weapons), which very often abound in modern literature. After reading, there is no "aftertaste" of crazy conspiracy theories, everything is logical and plausible. Source:
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