What other turn-based strategy games do you remember?

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What other turn-based strategy games do you remember?

Post by shevegen » September 13th, 2018, 9:01 pm

Being probably one of the ... older accounts here (gosh I am getting old), I used
to play quite some old DOS games.

I thought perhaps others did too (the old folks).

Anyone of these turn-based variants that you liked?


I go with my list first:

(1) Battle Isle

I liked them all.

The graphics of course are quite outdated compared to today:

http://image.dosgamesarchive.com/screen ... TTLE05.png

But I think the big part was more the gameplay. I liked the game
mechanics... you lose some of your units... you can repair or
refull (had to refill), get some XP and so forth.

I had fond memories.

Oddly enough I even liked Battle Isle III and the animations. I felt
it was a bit like a science fiction strategy game.

Have a look:

jump to somewhere in the middle or so.

I liked the rotating parts of the "3D" models too. :D

I also liked Warlords, again all of them.

None of these are extremely similar to wesnoth but the underlying engine
should not be that far off (I guess one could even do 3D animations of
some models... but it's not so important compared to the gameplay as-is).

Hmm. I think these were the top ones for me but I also played more.

Anyone remember the old fantasy game that was a hybrid game? I do not remember
the name... it was based on DnD where you were like a mage user and had some army
units of ... 30 each or so... dwarves, undead, elves... there were castles, and the game
map had conquerable-tiles. You also could do magic where enemy troops would be
deducted... if only I could remember the name.... what I liked here was the hybrid gameplay
where you combined different elements in the same game.

Another sorta turn-based strategy game I liked was Civil War. It was interesting because
you had different army leaders and an army that had morale, ammunition, different
weapons, movement types etc... it was quite tactical because you had to plan how
much a particular unit could still fight before it would disband. That was quite interesting.

It was like this:

https://www.myabandonware.com/media/scr ... eral_3.jpg

Hmm... I am forgetting a few more I think ...

Best ones were Battle Isle and Warlords though. It's unfortunate that they don't have
genres like these today - civilization managed to have newer iterations and in some
ways it is a tiny bit like a turn-based game variant too...

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Re: What other turn-based strategy games do you remember?

Post by enclave » September 14th, 2018, 6:29 am

im not the old folk, i just started playing civilization at 6 years old lol
not sure what you mean about magic and units, maybe heroes of might and magic, maybe kings bounty.. maybe something else :)
warlords were great indeed..
I liked imperialism, it was very unique, maybe some day ill recreate it in wesnoth..
conquest of the new world was something cool too..
fantasy general is something that every strategy gamer should try (there is even more or less modern version of it, but i forgot the name, maybe can be found in list of similar games somewhere on ag.ru)
Lords of the Realm 2 was cool
ah lol, jagged alliance and similar types of games were cool... like wages of war, and even old fallout was similar.. pity they dont make these much now..
there was more unique games but i dont remember names.. one games was like a mix/hybrid of turn based management, real time wars and shooter type quests..

and from the real time games, there was an amazing game called "jurassic war", i think it was like a revolution of it's time which nobody knew about lol.. it still would be amazing game. very unique version of age of empires or warcraft :) where units gain experience as they fight/kill.

I thought i never played Battle Isle until i saw the screenshots, then i recognized it.. not had idea how it was called.

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