Big, big stacking error

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Big, big stacking error

Post by Tet »

I used Jetrils oversized red dragon from deviantart for testing. It covers half of the six surounding hexes. There are a lot of stacking errors. The errors are different every other line. Can that be fixed? Or is it allready fixed? I am still experimenting in 1.6.
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Re: Big, big stacking error

Post by pauxlo »

I think they could help you more when you describe what you actually did - I suppose downloading anything from deviantart does not produce any errors (and if, then nothing related to Wesnoth). And, according to this forum's name, post code.

(I suppose this would go either to WML workshop or Technical support.)

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Re: Big, big stacking error

Post by Reepurr »

Jetryl, in the official Fire Dragon Development Thread wrote: Also, this unit officially stands as a hard example of our "upper-limit"; it looks like this guy just slipped under the wire in terms of size, but anything bigger in terms of the spacing of its feet, will cover up creatures in neighboring hexes. As it is, this guy currently has a number of problems meshing with cave/castle transitions. We can fix those in the code*, but we can't fix something being so big that it looks like it's stepping on someone in the neighboring hex.
Sounds like the devs already know.
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Re: Big, big stacking error

Post by artisticdude »

The dragon's already been mainlined in 1.9.2, if you want to see it in action. AFAIK, the glitches with the stacking are still being worked out.
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Re: Big, big stacking error

Post by Iris »

Tet wrote:I am still experimenting in 1.6.
Good thing you weren't trying to use it in 1.4 or earlier.

There are issues with this in 1.9.x but they are not anything like what you describe. Of course that's the outcome of attempting to use a current sprite with a very old version of the game engine. The rendering code changes a lot and very often between stable branches.
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