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by zookeeper
September 12th, 2004, 11:39 am
Forum: Developers’ Discussions
Topic: Dwarvish Flameguard
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I'd like dwarven grenadiers more than flameguards. The whole shooting with sticks/guns thing is already in the thunderguard branch, the other branch could just have thunderers switch their sticks to grenades/bombs/something. I'm not suggesting any changes in stats or attacks, just an idea to get a l...
by zookeeper
September 11th, 2004, 11:19 pm
Forum: Developers’ Discussions
Topic: Plague Changes?
Replies: 31
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I'm not sure if plague worked like this in some earlier version, but here goes anyway: IMHO walking corpses should spread plague to enemy units simply by landing a hit on them. When a plagued unit dies, it becomes a walking corpse, regardless of what unit actually delivered the killing blow. I don't...
by zookeeper
September 11th, 2004, 11:03 pm
Forum: Developers’ Discussions
Topic: Undead go underwater
Replies: 40
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I have an idea about undead water movement I don't think I've yet seen. As walking corpses, skeletons etc. cross water by walking on the bottom (not popping to surface from time to time to catch a breath as I suppose mermen would), they could be _invisible while underwater_. Exactly as units with 'a...