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by Diplounc
August 4th, 2020, 2:01 am
Forum: Release Announcements, Compiling & Installation
Topic: Compiling from source with Visual Studio 2019
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Re: Compiling from source with Visual Studio 2019

Hi, with this very helpful information I was able to compile the game on W10 + VS2019, now I'd like to create a windows intaller, so that I can test it on another computer, could you point me to the documentation or explain how to create a windows installer from my compiled version? thanks a lot! Be...
by Diplounc
August 3rd, 2020, 8:04 pm
Forum: Translations & Internationalization
Topic: gettext and define
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Re: gettext and define

Hi, do you know if by changing the po files and re building the game, those changes will be added to the game? For examples if we add translations that are missing in One language, thanks a lot for any advice!