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by Pokonic
May 30th, 2012, 3:17 am
Forum: Ideas
Topic: [mainline] Executioner unit
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Re: [mainline] Executioner unit

It could be a viable campaign unit, however. For instance, you must fight a dragon and you have a chance to rescue one of these guys right before you venture into it's cave. It's balanced enough that I could see it alongside tuskers and such units that are rarly seen in mainline but are useful for t...
by Pokonic
April 21st, 2012, 12:10 am
Forum: Scenario & Campaign Development
Topic: What are the best add-ons?
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Re: What are the best add-ons?

Bad Moon Rising, Swamplings, After the Storm, The Sojournings of Grog, The Earth's Gut, The Fellowship of the Clay. There was also a drake campaign I enjoyed very much, but I can't remember anymore whether it's Children of Dragons, Flight to Freedom or Brave Wings (most likely the first :hmm: ) And...
by Pokonic
April 19th, 2012, 8:58 pm
Forum: Scenario & Campaign Development
Topic: The Sojournings of Grog (3.4.0 is out)
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Re: The Sojournings of Grog (3.0 on its way)

Rescuing a Loyal Fisherman (stats as Villager but also has a Net attack) from a couple of Naga in the village at 25,40 might add a little colour and give the Elves a bonus unit in the next scenario (albeit not a very good one) Or maybe, a loyal Merman Brawler (from DW)? This will make the reward "i...
by Pokonic
March 17th, 2012, 9:13 pm
Forum: Scenario & Campaign Development
Topic: Apocalypse/Fall of Irdya Campaigns - ***See for Details***
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Re: Apocalypse/Fall of Irdya Campaigns - ***See for Details*

On giants: Inteligent ogres changed by the effects of the Great Fall? There not mentioned much in any post-wesnoth campaign I am aware of, and out of any race they seem to fit the big humaniod sterotype the most. (Barring Yetis, of course, but there as common as dragons in campaigns.)
by Pokonic
March 15th, 2012, 8:50 pm
Forum: Faction & Era Development
Topic: LOTE Unit Release
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Re: LOTE Unit Release

Okay, I must say that this looks interesting. Also, rather lofty. I tend to have slight fears about projects like these. However, you seem to be doing well off. A few questions, however: 1. What makes the Draconians different than a differant flavor of drakes? Are they generaly bigger, more elongate...