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new music

Post by blurec »

what do you think about this piece of music? ... tarinu.mp3
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Post by zookeeper »

It's a pretty good piece.
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Post by Dveman115 »


If you have that kind of skill, why are you asking for music software in another thread? You clearly have the right equipment for the job, or did you not make that? Either way, I enjoyed the piece, especially the end.
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Post by Temuchin Khan »

It reminds of Final Fantasy. Also, I don't think it fits with the music already in the Wesnoth library.
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Post by West »

blurec: I'm sorry you've had to wait so long for an offcial comment on your piece.

Anyway, I can say right away that this is not what we're looking for. While samples and production are good, the music itself is, uh, a bit too experimental. Call me an unschooled lout, but this just sounds like a lot of randomness to my ears. Sorry.

However, you are of course welcome to submit more material if you compose something in a more traditional vein.
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