Forgotten Legends

It's not easy creating an entire faction or era. Post your work and collaborate in this forum.

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Forgotten Legends

Post by Atreides »

Could not find an extant thread for this era.

Some bugs I found: Native faction's Acrobat and Sky have a boomerang sound that was not working because the sound file was LOL I must have a look at that web site...<grin> It should of course have been hatchet.wav! (similar for the miss files)

A neat era so far. I did not do well with the Natives in my first attempt but that must be my fault because the computer is doing quite well with them. ;)
Any typos are the fault of my laptop keyboard!

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Re: Forgotten Legends

Post by Jarom »

I also had problems with natives, being told to play them in similar manner to Northerners helped a bit though. Also, Shamans perform very well in certain circumstances.

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