Return from Captivity, Scenario 5, dragon land. pls hlp

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Return from Captivity, Scenario 5, dragon land. pls hlp

Post by wolfsilver00 »

Damn this scenario is difficult.. Please, any tips or ANYTHING that will help us not die? I'm the elf and hell its difficult to survive when most of my units can be killed in just one turn, even level 3 archers.
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Re: Return from Captivity, Scenario 5, dragon land. pls hlp

Post by patience_reloaded »

Do you have any clarifications? Maybe a safegame from the scenario start, so we know the units you can recall and recruit?

After cheating my way through to that scenario, I believe that the level 3 archers you mentioned are probably elvish sharpshooters. These units have an extremely high ranged damage output and a mobility that is not bad. This however means that they have weaknesses elsewhere, meaning their hitpoints are low.
I suggest going back one or two scenarios in order to level some elvish fighters. On level 2, they have about as much hp as a level 3 archer, and on level 3, they are even tankier (although "tanky" is a difficult term with the elves).
If you can't go back (because it's a multiplayer campaign and your friend doesn't want to), then you and your ally have to cooperate very well: He can recruit dwarvish guardsmen, which are the tanks in your combined team. On level 1, they have almost as much hp as your level 3 archers, and they have some decent resists. You have to coordinate your forces so that the guardsmen defend the frontline as damage-soakers and your sharpshooters do the damage-dealing without getting attacked too much during your enemies turns.
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