Communication with python

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Communication with python

Post by JeanCloud »


I'm an engineering student and I have a project of creating an AI for Wesnoth using Reinforcement Learning. Since python is generally the best when it comes to ML, we wan't to create the "brain" of our AI using python and use the LuaAPI to communicate with the game.
Initially, I wanted to use sockets to communicate between the python and the Lua but, since Wesnoth doesn't expose packages such as "require" to its Lua scripts, I don't know how to access to sockets or any other communication method.

Do you have any ideas as how to make a python local script and a Wesnoth Lua script communicate with each other, or if it is even possible to do so ?

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Re: Communication with python

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

Use Lua instead.

If you find it is possible to communicate with Pyhton, let us know. We'll probably want to close it down.
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Re: Communication with python

Post by Pentarctagon »

To add to what Tad_Carlucci said, Wesnoth's lua is intentionally limited in order to prevent user made content from being able to do malicious things, so it wouldn't be good if you were to find a way to do something like open sockets using only what's available by default.

Probably the best way would be for you to use the --unsafe-scripts option, which is mentioned in the thread Ravana linked.
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