[Self-Promo] Maji – an abstract strategy board game for two well-builders in the Serengeti

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[Self-Promo] Maji – an abstract strategy board game for two well-builders in the Serengeti

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Hi community,

I proudly present Maji, an abstract strategy board game for two players which has been released in this year. I am the designer and Spieltrieb is my publisher.

In Maji, your task is to build a well consisting of six well parts and at least one water gem before the dry season begins. In your turn you have to pick a tile from a row or column, which is marked by the worker standee. Adobes contribute to your well building project, but buffaloes destroy your own well parts and water gems are required to finish your well. In some cases you need more than one water gem and you will also win if you collect them all.

Whenever you picked a tile, it is removed from the play and the opponent player has to pick the next tile from the orthogonal column or row, where the tile was taken from. This continues until a player has completed their well. That player also needs enough water gems: At least one, but if they have no well parts left, one additional gem per remaining adobe on the last tile they took. It the player completes their well with no or not enough water, they lose the round. The other possibilities to make a game end is to collect all five water gems or to move the worker standee to an empty row or column (in which case the player with at least one water, then with the most build well parts, then with the most water gems, wins the game.)

Because a game is very short, you play until you won four times.

Maji is language-independent and the rules are included in German and in English. The game can be purchased at the publisher’s website for EUR 16.95 incl. tax plus shipping.

More about the game can be found here:
BoardGameGeek listing: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/286789/maji
Publisher’s website: https://www.spiele-entwickler-spieltrieb.de/
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