Enemies are afraid to attack ancient liches

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Enemies are afraid to attack ancient liches

Post by Elfnet » August 13th, 2019, 9:22 pm

(1.14.7, Windows version)

When I played the Secrets of the Ancients campaign, on unpleasant (normal) difficulty, certain enemies weren’t ever tried to attack full health ancient liches.

The ancient lich is a powerful enemy, but for example in the scenario 19 (Lava and Stone), my lich just stood in place and trolls were afraid to attack. I killed at least half a dozen of them (one in every turn), the ancient lich basicly single handedly blocked half of the map and level 1 trolls just never attacked him, even when 4 of them were sit right next to it.

I didn’t checked all enemies, but in the last mission (scenario 21; Against the World) knights also didn’t tried to attack a full health ancient lich, but when his health were lowered a bit, they eventually attacked. Especially strange, that melee units weren't attacked (the primary ranged lich), while ranged enemied did.

(I understand that attacking a significanty stronger enemy is basicly suicide, so the AI maybe just didn't want to loose units, but other units, like zombies do suicidal wave attacks, chipping down health (even the cost of their life) and the enemies in the attached file never went on their business either (ignoring the lich and going for the towns or other enemies), like the AI in a strategic level tried to attack, but something in the units code prevented them to do so.

Or is this intentional and meant to be abused in easy difficulty?

[The attached file is in hungarian, but otherwise legit]
AŐT-Láva és Kő visszajátszás.gz
The problem can be seen in turn 21 to turn 31 with the lower right side ancient lich.
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