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Wesnoth 1.14.7

Post by shadowm » April 16th, 2019, 8:06 pm

Wesnoth 1.14.7 is out!

This is a regular maintenance release for the stable 1.14.x series, delivering bug fixes and translation updates. As is the norm for updates to the current stable series, this release is fully compatible with previous 1.14.x versions.

A full list of changes and new features added since version 1.12 can be found in the release notes for this series.

Changes since 1.14.6

Read on for more details about the most notable fixes and additions since the previous stable release. A full list of changes may be found in our changelog.

A Tale of Two Brothers:
  • S3: Changed castle to permanent chaotic ToD and rebalanced scenario accordingly.
  • S4: Added dialogue between Baran and Tairach when they engage in combat.
Dead Water:
  • S3: Added event to make Storm Trident more obvious.
Descent into Darkness:
  • Complete revision of all dialogue and story text.
  • Revised and rebalanced gameplay in all scenarios.
  • S3 and S11: New scenarios completely rewritten from scratch.
Eastern Invasion:
  • S1: Removed early finish bonus for fleeing.
  • S2: Modified Dacyn’s dialogue upon undead arrival.
  • S7a: Require Dacyn to cross the river.
  • S9: add snow to map.
  • S10: show objectives after defeating enemy leaders.
  • S11: show objectives after finding gold and releasing prisoners.
Legend of Wesmere:
  • Disabled side shuffling in MP (checking the box does nothing).
  • Fixed missing persistent data at the end of chapter 3.
  • Rebalanced gold values in all scenarios.
  • S3: remove shroud from enemy sides upon Kalenz’s arrival.
  • S4: (MP only) free Cleodil at scenario start.
Northern Rebirth:
  • Eryssa now must survive if she joins the player.
  • Father Morvin and Sister Thera will now respawn at Tallin’s location if they die to prevent illogical gameplay.
  • Gold in S10-13 is adjusted if Krash is dead.
  • S1: Spawn 2 Troll Whelps instead of 4 and a normal Troll.
  • S4: Have Hamel describe Ghouls if Camerin is dead.
  • S5: Add gates to map instead of images and overlays.
  • S8: add text and updated objectives when rescuing Eryssa.
  • S12a: Update objectives to make it clear that gold is not received if Sisal dies.
The Rise of Wesnoth:
  • Fixed various typos.
  • S17c: Modified Burin’s description of trolls.
The South Guard:
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Remove swamp from map for part 2.
  • Warn player about water when stepping on any shallow water hex.
  • Change quintain to level 0.
  • Allow Konrad and Li’sar to level up and add corresponding dialogue for part 2.
Under the Burning Suns:
  • Added embellishments to various maps.
  • Updated descriptions for Goblin Knight and Wolf Rider, and added new descriptions for the Quenoth faction.
  • Added jamming to the vision tooltip in the sidebar (PR #3327).
  • Fixed undoing a recall not undrawing parts of units which extend beyond a single hex (issue #3325).
  • Fixed crash when the recruit filter matched nothing (issue #3969).
  • “Show Enemy Moves” now highlights enemy units that can reach the highlighted hex (PR #3961).
  • The time of day graphics for midday and midnight have been updated to match the rest of the summer/winter time of day schedules (issue #2677).
  • The statistics dialog no longer forgets to reset stats when using “Reset Replay” (“Stop”) in replay mode or “Back to turn” in networked MP games (issue #2852).
  • Dark Forecast: AI units are "discovered" (added to the help if not already known).
  • Dark Forecast: fixed bug where additional boss spawns would not occur after the initial wave.
  • Forum user handler ban durations are now reported back to banned players.
Known Issues
General bugs:
  • OneDrive can interfere with Wesnoth’s user config/data directory set-up, leading to all kinds of different manifestations of the issue. There’s no fix available yet. The recommendation for the time being is to avoid syncing the Wesnoth user directory with OneDrive.
General bugs:
  • Preprocessor errors corrupt cache (issue #1924). If this happens you have to wipe your cache. That can be done in Preferences → Cache.

Source code (452.7 MB)
SHA256 sum: 475e6ce3720edf76cfc3a9b9ac015067d473a46d164dcc4406b3c8f7d8dc5e48
Windows installer (408.2 MB)
SHA256 sum: 31b2acfa65cb383012c04c8adbe903b6c3a6ef6a7a32d02a5c49e2e8fcd8ca26
macOS package (469.4 MB)
SHA256 sum: e58ca4c740f83f385b85a5522fd7a0c305a605066d5a50b5bfa02be348f3c44b
All known Linux packagers have been contacted, and binaries for your distribution may have already been created. Information about where to get the respective binaries and how to install them, including via Flatpak, can be found on the Linux binaries page in the wiki.
The multiplayer server for 1.14.x is up and running. This server allows players using all stable releases from this series, including the 1.14 release candidates (1.13.12 and after).

The add-ons server for 1.14.x is already running. It was started for 1.13.12 and it serves all stable releases from this series.
If you encounter any problems involving add-ons not working as expected, please notify the content’s author or maintainer.

If you find any bugs, do not hesitate to report them, but please read the instructions on how to report bugs first! As bug reports in the forums tend to be forgotten, you will get better results using our bug tracker. We need your help for finding and fixing issues, no matter how obvious, trivial, or complicated they seem!

Have fun!
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm.

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