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Wesnoth 1.14.3

Post by shadowm » June 11th, 2018, 2:20 am

Wesnoth 1.14.3 is out!

This is a regular maintenance release for the stable 1.14.x series, delivering bug fixes and translation updates. As is the norm for updates to the current stable series, this release is fully compatible with previous 1.14.x versions.

A full list of changes and new features added since version 1.12 can be found in the release notes for this series.

Changes since 1.14.2

Read on for more details about the most notable fixes and additions since the previous stable release. A full list of changes may be found in our changelog.
Dead Water:
  • Fixed possibility of villagers blocking pickup of sword in “The Flaming Sword” (issue #3207).
Descent into Darkness:
  • New Parthyn map for scenarios 1 and 6.
Northern Rebirth:
  • Reduced starting gold and income in scenarios 10 to 13.
Secrets of the Ancients:
  • Fixed “Training Session” not ending when all dark adepts die (issue #3192).
  • Made enemy starting gold in the second scenario equal to that of the player.
Under the Burning Suns:
  • Added portrait and updated sprite for Giant Ant.
  • Fixed crashes due to units ending up with negative hitpoints under certain circumstances (see Miscellaneous).
  • Fixed a rare issue where disabled attacks could cause the wrong attack to be initially selected in the Unit Attack dialog. This bug also had the potential to cause units to the wrong attack when engaging or viewing damage calculations.
  • Fixed the server’s lan_server option not causing the server to exit once vacated, e.g. when using the Host Networked Game option from the Multiplayer menu in the game (issue #3206).
  • It is now possible to use /query version <nickname> in the lobby to check another player’s client version.
  • Unit messages include the unit type name in lieu of an individual unit name or custom [message] caption again like in 1.12 (issue #3211).
  • The music now changes immediately when you load a save file (issue #2602).
  • Removed validation to ensure units cannot have negative hitpoints. We learned that the ability to create such units is documented, and thus disallowing it was an API change. Since API changes are not allowed in the stable branch, we have reverted it.
  • Fixed AI crashes in presence of units with negative hitpoints (issue #3042).
  • Fixed Lua errors when setting a music track that cannot be found when the playlist is already empty, e.g. if there's no music installed for the game (issue #3194).
  • Fixed an occasional crash at the loading screen related to multi-thread access of the image cache.
  • [kill] animate=yes no longer scrolls to units through fog or shroud, thus matching 1.12’s behavior again.
  • do_not_list=yes units are no longer excluded from the debug mode-only Create Unit dialog.
  • Fixed [scenario] map_file= being unusable in most circumstances.
  • Official Windows builds for Wesnoth now enable the Data Execution Prevention and Address Space Layout Randomization features to mitigate potential code injection attacks.
Known Issues
Bugs specific to Windows:
  • OneDrive can interfere with Wesnoth’s user config/data directory set-up, leading to all kinds of different manifestations of the issue. There’s no fix available yet. The recommendation for the time being is to avoid syncing the Wesnoth user directory with OneDrive.
General bugs:
  • Preprocessor errors corrupt cache (#1924). If this happens you have to wipe your cache. That can be done in Preferences → Cache.
Bugs specific to macOS:
  • Trackpad tap clicking is sometimes not recognized (forum post).
  • Unofficial builds with OpenMP support enabled randomly freeze (bug #1260).

Source code (450.2 MB)
SHA256 sum: e9f17f0245a2b7f63b28d77a1cc8854355768665f5ca93ffd3e7641b0840c418
Windows installer (407.9 MB)
SHA256 sum: e9f17f0245a2b7f63b28d77a1cc8854355768665f5ca93ffd3e7641b0840c418
macOS package (468.2 MB)
SHA256 sum: eead09941d495f66e9c78d19169bbd61c5ac46f30a09ad432dd91e672ff1aee2
All known Linux packagers have been contacted, and binaries for your distribution may have already been created. Information about where to get the respective binaries or how to install them can be found on the Linux binaries page in the wiki.
The multiplayer server for 1.14.x is up and running. This server allows players using all stable releases from this series, including the 1.14 release candidates (1.13.12 and alter).

The add-ons server for 1.14.x is already running. It was started for 1.13.12 and it serves all stable releases from this series.
If you encounter any problems involving add-ons not working as expected, please notify the content’s author or maintainer.

If you find any bugs, do not hesitate to report them, but please read the instructions on how to report bugs first! As bug reports in the forums tend to be forgotten, you will get better results using our bug tracker. We need your help for finding and fixing issues, no matter how obvious, trivial or complicated they seem!

Have fun!
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.3

Post by tr0ll » June 15th, 2018, 2:16 am

Works great for me - thanks so much for the rapid followup to bug reports and user testing!

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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.3

Post by enclave » June 15th, 2018, 12:58 pm

Forgetting to ask if messages will be fixed in future versions, - I see all messages for all sides during save-loaded replays.. for example [message] speaker=narrator side_for=1 message="some message" [/message] which is quite extremely annoying as it pauses the game every second until you click. So you watching and clicking watching and clicking... and clicking and clicking...
PS. it thanksfully doesnt show messages with [option]s, would have been total nightmare otherwise (plus oos).. now it's only half-nightmare.

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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.3

Post by Ravana » June 15th, 2018, 1:08 pm

I think you are expected to see messages in replays.

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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.3

Post by enclave » June 15th, 2018, 1:33 pm

Ravana wrote:
June 15th, 2018, 1:08 pm
I think you are expected to see messages in replays.
it's not how it was in 1.12 so i think it's an unusual behavior.. plus its an annoying behavior...
I put it into bug tracker... i'll try to use bug tracker for bug reports and see if it's any better..

I think seeing messages would only be good for some campaigns with a lot of quests.. but who would watch a replay of campaign? idk... not sure even in this case if somebody would want to click through whole campaign instead of peacefuly watching and eating same time or something..

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