Volkerwanderung (future) MMORPG

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Volkerwanderung (future) MMORPG

Post by PetrosPolonos » August 4th, 2017, 6:03 am

A motley launchpad collective is trying to develop a really peculiar game.

Gabriel says:
I kind of see this project in the tradition of Wolfgang Flatz, whose contribution to documenta '79 was him standing in an empty room, naked and people who would manage to hit him with a dart would get 500€.

People really did it and just after the fact realised what they had done.
It should be fun first but then turn to the hell it really is.
Petros says:
Main plot is: one side is trying to stop refugees/migrants from coming to Europe, the other side is trying to help them reach their destination.
Starting from the simplest version, where (alternatively, by user choice) AI is taking one of the sides, it will evolve towards full MMORPG, with a lot of in-game purchase options of various boosters, PvP player guilds/community building tools and scenarios, connections to real life news.
This is NOT going to be exactly funny.

First test game instruction says:
There are two players:
Supporter (S), whose aim is to drive the boat from Turkey to Lesvos, having at least one survivor on board after landing.
Adversary (A), whose aim is to make all refugees die before they reach Lesvos.
So, what is it all about?
We want to create a game (eventually a MMORPG) to make people experience the migrations "crisis" in the way as close to (psychological) reality as a game can provide. We want to give people ability to choose sides -- either to help or to deter refugees/migrants, with all consequences and as little sugarcoating as possible.

The inspiration came to me with my favourite "tower defense" games, the analogy was obvious. But after a thought I realised that Wesnoth is providing much better framework and is much more moddable than any other system I know of. So, there is an idea to build our huge storytelling within BfW framework.
Now, we are no coders nor gamedevs. We are working on the concept, storyline and such. Shall we find people in the Wesnoth community, appealed by our project, so they would help us make it fly? It is going to be a non-profit thing (all surplus going to independent refugee supporting initiatives), BUT it is going to give a long term (modestly paid) employments for quite a team, formed into a cooperative. So, we have, I believe, three good reasons to get involved.

What say you?

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