iOS version upcoming! Call for TestFlight testers.

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iOS version upcoming! Call for TestFlight testers.

Postby singalen » July 14th, 2017, 6:05 pm

Official announcement is yet to follow, but.

Wesnoth is returning to iOS.

We're looking for beta testers. Tester will have to PM me their Apple ID and install TestFlight ( ... 47664?mt=8).

The 1.14 development version now runs on iPad. Functionality for smaller screens, TinyUI, was deprecated and mostly lost, so iPhone version will run but the experience will be painful.

Some of the past features have been lost in transition, a lot had to be reimplemented, a lot is yet to be, but we're moving!
There is a 64-bit version.

Another good news is that iOS version will not be a separate fork, but will be closely following mainline sources, thus will be updated more frequently.
As a side effect, a desktop version is getting touch UI. Those lucky ones with touchscreen on their PCs will be able to play on it!

update: first TestFlight beta published, thanks to the testers. It should come through in some hours.
The most experimental feature here is context menu pop-up on long-press. Sometimes context menus pop up when they shouldn't.
I'd be thankful if someone finds the steps how to reproduce this.

You're welcome to report issues at iOS fork's Github page:
Please check if the issue is already registered. Thanks!

update 2: I'm looking for a pretty screenshots for AppStore. I cannot play all the campaigns to get all the best scenes.
If you think you have an interesting an beautiful moment in iPad version, please sent it to me in PNG.
Especially if you're a lucky owner of iPad Pro!
Screenshot requirements: ... vd274dd925
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