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Split Era

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I was somewhat bored of Default Era so I reshaped it a bit. Hopefully for those of you who are also bored this can be sth worth giving a look.

I modified default era by splitting some factions into two and added some previously unavailable units and leaders.

Kangals are two factions: Dwarves and Outlaws, dwarves get scout to improve mobility and outlaws get thug, wolf (true gangster needs a dog :P) and young ogre.
Loys are also two factions, one more melee oriented called Kingdom (HI, Horeseman) and Wizards (Magi, Mermaid). While leader lists differ most of units available to recruit are the same.

Other than that each faction gets only 3 leaders (to avoid rather crappy draws) and those leaders are very often guys that weren't available before (for probably historical reasons). Probably the most important change however is lack of lvl 0 units (so undead can recruit soulless instead of wc) and the fact that all lists were limited to 6 guys.

So if you are somewhat bored maybe you would also like give it a shoot. If there will be significant balance issues then we will try to work them out somehow, but in the first place this era is just for fun. Available on add-on server.

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