Possible bug with viewing replays

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Possible bug with viewing replays

Post by CheeseLord »


I'm just wondering whether anybody has noticed a bug recently in viewing replays. When I want to view the full map, the replay only seems to show the units that are in the vision of the current player's turn, and not all units on the map. I'm wondering whether this is a bug, or just a localised problem with my computer. I've already tried redownloading and reinstalling a clean copy of Wesnoth version 1.10.1, but to no avail. I've also tried saving a replay of a different copy - again, no fix.

1. Operating system, including its version
Windows 7

2. Version of Wesnoth, including the configured language:
Version 1.10.1 (English)

3. A step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the problem. If the problem can’t be reproduced it will severely limit the chance we will able to identify and fix the problem.
Open the replay, before switching the 'Point of View' to the full map. I attached a screenshot to show what happens.
No units seen!
No units seen!
4. Please attach a savegame where possible, as this is the easiest way for developers to reproduce errors occurring during gameplay.

I've attached a replay of where this happens, but like I said, it seems to occur in all replays.

In advance, apologies if this has already been noted - I had a quick search which didn't seem to find anything, so I decided to open up a bug report - feel free to lock if this is the case :D

Loving the sexy new maps and animations!


EDIT: I found another thread where someone else had a similar problem here: http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=36048 I'm assuming these are the same? One issue I noticed is that I could see the enemy units if they were in my line of sight.
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Re: Possible bug with viewing replays

Post by Crendgrim »

This is already reported (and fixed) on gna.org: #19563 [Gna.org]
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