19 - Costly Revenge

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 19 - Costly Revenge

Post by Poison » August 25th, 2017, 12:29 pm

(1) Level, version, and gold? Hard, 1.12.5 , the minimum 220 gold, how do people even get more money.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7.5 ,it's actually quite managable when you realise that
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? No problems.
(5) Challenges? Beating the clock.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 2, I hated it.
(7) Changes? None.
(8) Restarts? What do you think with 220 gold. I cheated once (lost 5 hits, needed just one) to take the southern enemy leader quickly when an opportunity presented itself so he cannot recruit more units.

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 19 - Costly Revenge

Post by Seto » January 26th, 2018, 2:17 pm

(1) What difficulty levels and what version of Wesnoth have you played the scenario on?
Hard, 1.12.5.

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario? (1-10)
9 or 10. It's definitely one of the most challenging scenarios in the campaign, maybe the single most challenging since Human Alliance has been toned down.

(3) How clear did you find the scenario objectives?
We could really use some more explicit indication about how to destroy villages, and which units will or will not destroy them (maybe add some explanatory text after the first dialogue dealing with the eggs and young).

(4) How clear and interesting did you find the dialog and storyline of the scenario?
That's the strongest point of this scenario. Landar's descent into darkness, Kalenz's doubts while sticking with his friend, and Cleodil's refusal to be part of such a mission - they're a major turning point in the campaign, and the scenario justifies them well. Moreover, Landar's line should you let him die is marvelous, and makes so much sense in retrospect.

(5) What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario?
The obvious: no healing, little gold against many saurians, keeping my vital units alive. But a special mention has to go to the turn limit. It's very tight in my opinion, especially given that you have to destroy every single village on the map.

(6) How fun do you think the scenario is? (1-10)
3? It's very punishing, sometimes frustratingly hard. It also makes me mad at Landar (although that's part of the point).

(7) What, if any, are changes you would have made to the scenario to make it more fun?
Don't be afraid to add more turns. It's always frustrating to lose to time, but especially here. Why? The turn limit is generally used to force players to take risks and be agressive. But in this case, it's redundant, because with no healing and constant enemy recruitment, time's already playing against you. Alternatively, keep the turn limit as is, but make it so the enemy doesn't recruit after the initial massive attack. Surviving the initial onslaught is the most challenging and rewarding part of the scenario, but surviving it with units in bad shape that get gradually mopped up by the 2 saurians recruited each turn? That's demoralizing.

(8) Was there any event that caused you to lose the game and forced you to reload or restart the scenario?
Losing Kalenz and/or Landar. To be honest, I won by debug (kinda tired and impatient, I felt like I'd done the best I could and was already pretty proud of having wiped out the big saurian wave, so I didn't want to restart and lose again). It's a scenario where critical units are very vulnerable, since you're up against enemies that outnumber you, can skirmish and/or have access to magic.
I made my stand in the forest in the south, reasoning that I could thin out the southern saurian lines before the northern reinforcements arrived (it was half true). I met some success focusing on cutting down the mages and healthy units, and letting wounded enemy units kill off themselves in suicide attacks. I survived the assault, but came out too late, too few and with too few hitpoints to finish the scenario. it might have gone differently if I'd thought about the strategy Poison mentions, so maybe I just need to git gud. But that strategy is counterintuitive: honestly, when I'm outnumbered and have no healing, going to fight in the snow? Not my first option.

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