[Status] Primary Multiplayer server outage

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[Status] Primary Multiplayer server outage

Post by Development Team »

Hello Wesnothians,

Currently the primary Wesnoth multiplayer server (server.wesnoth.org) is inaccessible for all Wesnoth versions. It’s being looked into and we hope to have it back soon. That being said, there is no ETA, so you’ll just have to be patient.

Fortunately there are other ways to enjoy multiplayer Wesnoth. Play on the alternate servers (server2.wesnoth.org, server3.wesnoth.org) or host your own if you can.

Thanks everyone
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Re: [Status] Primary Multiplayer server outage

Post by Gambit »

The developers have found that the servers work, and the problem lies in the redirection (ordinarily when you connect to wesnoth.org you are redirected to the proper port for your version). Here are the current statuses and addresses you should use to connect:

Stable 1.8: wesnoth.org:14998 [working]
Development 1.9: wesnoth.org:14997 [working]
Trunk 1.9+svn: wesnoth.org:15000 [working]
Previous Stable 1.6: wesnoth.org:14999 [working]

I am not sure of the method for connecting to alternate servers on the iPhone/iPad, but you want to use 1.6's port for that.
For computer versions just choose "Connect to Server" (rather than "Join Official Server") and enter the proper address.

edit: Updated statuses. Everything is fine now.
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Re: [Status] Primary Multiplayer server outage

Post by loonycyborg »

The outage is caused by trunk server going bonkers. It happens to be responsible for redirecting all clients to server of appropriate version so this is why all versions were affected. It seems to work right now after it was restarted but if it goes down again then one can connect to previous version's server directly as Gambit explained above
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