[Request] Less RNG swing system

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Re: [Request] Less RNG swing system

Post by krotop »

For the recall, calculations shown that units on high defense are expected to receive more damages with the swing formula than without it, and that it has been evaluated how much the EV is higher after the formula. You may compare Tables 2-A, 2-E and 2-D (section 'standard expected value' and 'modified expected value') in the 1st page to get an idea on that. I'm not sure it is necessary to supply psychic's or 5dPZ's point with a sheet using 70% defense, but I can quite provide the data if someone estimates it would make things clearer.

And thank you psychic for the explanation on the thunderers, I understand more your point of view. I'd like to point that the exploitation is double bladed, it could be that all shoots reach the target more easiliy, but also it could be that they all miss more easily. All in all, what I retain from this example is that units with few strikes are less affected by the formula (and not affected at all for 1 strike attacks), while units with numerous strikes get their damages corrected efficiently by the formula.
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Re: [Request] Less RNG swing system

Post by IPS »

I had idea and I can try to do this interesting Idea what I had got in a Day.

Do this changes to many units like this:
You can try this with the elvish fighter.

Well, Heavy Infatryman is a trouble because 11-2 is 22 of dammage and you can do 22 of dammage only with 11-2 or 2-11, but we need to respect the number proportion of dammages... So I have this idea:
With wose:

Last example, Dark Adepts.
This should be a good idea, Mages can do 3-7 fire magical if do you want, and many units can have the exactly dammage or a aproximation of it dammage. That idea should do more just the games because the luck should change less the results ;)
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Re: [Request] Less RNG swing system

Post by norbert »

psychic wrote:decrease the streaks of hits and misses
I did not read this thread, but I searched this thread and this one for "lessluck" and apparently nobody mentioned the "LessLuck Era" by zookeeper, that according to its description is "a clone of Default Era with much smaller chances of long streaks of luck". I didn't test it, just thought I'd mention it, since someone might care.

[Edit: "In the LessLuck Era, your side receives an invisible 10% increase to chance to hit whenever a unit of yours misses, and a -10% decrease whenever a unit of yours hits. However, these modifiers cannot increase your chance to hit over 90% or decrease it lower than 10%. [...] This decreases the odds of a long streak of hits and misses. [...]"]

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