MP Mentoring Replays

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MP Mentoring Replays

Post by Rhuvaen »

Today someone asked me to play a game of Rebels vs his Loyalists with him to practice that match-up. I'm not a fantastic player by all means, but liked the chance to try to consider and communicate meaningful aspects of gameplay to someone else (and get a firmer grip of them myself in the process, hopefully... :D).

I'm posting this here, perhaps new players will find this useful, perhaps more experienced players than me can elaborate or tell me how I could improve ;).

Some things I expected to be difficult for a relatively new player - correctly as it turned out:
  • 1. dealing with Time of Day, and restraining himself at night to keep his units at reasonable health for the daytime push
    2. keep from over-expanding (as exemplified by mages rushing ahead at dusk for one more kill)
    3. gauging enemy gold and recruits, and judging the chance to finish the game accordingly
If anyone else has mentoring-type replays, I'd encourage them to post them in this very thread for review and discussion, too.

Of course, we played completely without fog - and oh, I anonymized the replay (the player in question asked me to).
mentoring replay 2 x Loyalists vs 2 x Rebels on Isar's Cross
(46.18 KiB) Downloaded 187 times
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