Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by Bob_The_Mighty » July 10th, 2018, 7:22 pm

Hey Dornteufel. That's odd, it works for me. Must be that there's a lower/upper case mismatch in the map's filename, which Windows accepts but Ubuntu doesn't. In any case, I've just uploaded a new version (with exactly one change to a single character!) which should work for you too.
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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by Can-ned_Food » July 14th, 2018, 3:58 am

Kipples wrote:
May 25th, 2018, 10:34 am
I think that this still is not quite correct implementation though as the losers will get a "victory" screen but at least the game ends where expected.
Unfortunately, I think this is one of those rough areas where MP is not yet quite supported by Combat Tiles Wesnoth.

I've never tested this, but seems — per the DirectActionsWML#.5Bendlevel.5D — that you can work around by doing something like

Code: Select all

result =   GalaEmpi game_over
and then having something like

Code: Select all

name =   GalaEmpi game_over
which runs a proc that determines whether to show a “Victory!” or “Defeat…” message for each player. E.g. triggering victory event handle for one and defeat for the others.
Of course, such a proc could be a node of OOS divergence with the players; however, so long as you don't mind replays differing finally and [campaign] being impossible, it could be a viable cosmetic trick.

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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by octalot » August 6th, 2018, 8:20 pm

This is in GE 3.2.0, and looks like it might cause the UI to change behaviour in other multiplayer games (the core version doesn't have check_fogged=false).

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warning preprocessor: Redefining macro SCROLL_TO without explicit #undef at ~add-ons/Galactic_Empires/./files/misc_macros.cfg:194
    included from ~add-ons/Galactic_Empires/_main.cfg:19
previously defined at core/macros/interface-utils.cfg:132
    included from core/_main.cfg:18
    included from _main.cfg:18
Also, you should replace true/false with yes/no :eng:

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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by atomopawn_ » August 17th, 2018, 11:14 pm

In order to get this working with the latest version of Wesnoth in git, I had to:

1. Delete MAGENTA_IS_THE_TEAM_COLOR from all files:

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find -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i '/MAGENTA_IS_THE_TEAM_COLOR/d' {} \;
2. Replace ABILITY_LEADERSHIP_LEVEL_1 with ABILITY_LEADERSHIP in Veteran.cfg (under dwartha).

Just a heads-up for anyone who wants to try this mod out with 1.15-dev (1.14.4 introduced a bug that causes Wesnoth to crash if you accidentally try to use a transport to attack something -- this seems to be fixed in 1.15-dev).

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